The Proof is in the Purple: Social Media Marketing Case Study

     There are two things that the city of Eger are known for: Excellent wine and One Online. Need examples? A simple Google search will tell you all you need to know about the purple grapes of the area and the purple logo of One Online Kft. Want to squeeze the most out of not only your fruit but your marketing dollars? Our online marketing company has it down to a science, and you can see some of the fresh results in this case study by Antavo!

     Social Media Marketing (SMM) are two of the many services provided by One Online. This means that we take your company and put them on the forefront of marketing using the most powerful SMM tools available. Of course, Facebook Advertisement is the top dog. When someone searches for something, wine for example, we make sure that your distilling business has its vines wrapped around the top spot on Facebook. Let’s take the previously mentioned case study and break down the results.


     First and foremost, this case study has to do with a marketing tool called Antavo. Ostoros made us aware that they wanted to market their rosé wine to young men and women. Running with this idea in mind, one of our marketing managers, Ferenc Füzér, ran an incredibly successful Facebook competition campaign that targeted recently married couples for a photo contest, “Couple of the Year.” He used a prize specially catered to the target market: a honeymoon getaway. The task was to take a winery, Ostoros Bor (Ostoros Wine) and increase their Facebook presence and retention to increase sales conversions over the long term. Here are the cold hard facts:

  • Used only $70 on Facebook Ads

  • 16,751 new fans on Facebook and attained 44,791 email addresses

  • Increased awareness by adding prizes throughout the duration of the campaign

  • 74 day-long campaign, 283,467 Facebookers visited and 45,998 subscribed

  • Created an astonishing 16% conversion rate

  • Approximately one subscriber cost 1 cent and a new fan cost about 3 cents

     At the end of it all, there was an incredible increase in online brand awareness and Ostoros Bor is now one of the most well marketed wineries in the famous region of Eger. As stated in the case study, we reached “1200 young couples and 45 thousand voters in a single photo contest.” Thanks to brilliant SMM, their business has taken off and they can continue this contest tradition in order to further their brand loyalty in the future. Purple robes were donned by the true kings of this contest; Ostoros Bor. Who placed these robes on their shoulders? A very proud One Online Marketing Group.