Email Marketing

Delivered to The Virtual Door

A notification. It's your mobile inbox, and it's from a company that you've just purchased a product from. What do most do? Swipe and delete. What do those with One Online e-mails do? Open and read.

E-mail marketing is, of course, an older style of customer engagement. This is why we make sure that the content delivered to your customers is top notch. An eye catching subject is the difference between the "delete" button and the "open" button. We guarantee the latter.

 Old Way, New Age

The stone age was built to last, and that's what we believe here at One Online. Although e-mail marketing is not new and trendy, it can be just as important in your kit as any other tool. We bring this type of advertisement into the current century!

Your customer's mobile phone is always at their side in this day and age. What this means is that each mode of marketing is as viable as the next. We are in their pocket and they want us there! We bring the most interesting products from your company to their inbox.

Content Catcher

How do we do this, you might ask? The simple answer is content. We grab their attention with the simple headline of your e-mail, get them to open this marketing gift and engage them with incredible products and offers from your business that they can't refuse!

On the technical side, our e-mails really work. Ever opened an e-mail from a company that you cannot read? So have we. This is why when you work with One Online, we make sure that each and every message is usable on all platforms.

"Your goal should be to own quality time in your customer's inbox."

- Drew Davis, Brandscaping

Into the Inbox

Here at One Online, we have the perfect formula to engage your customer base and keep them interested in the e-mails sent to their accounts. There's no reason why they won't want to take a peek inside that letter to see what's in store.

Unsubscribe is a dirty word, and our team understands why. We make sure that the content is interesting and the amount of e-mail marketing is appropriate to keep your customers in the loop this way. We have no residence in the spam folder!