App Development

Your World in Their Hands

In the new world of online marketing, apps are a powerful tool for the mobile phone. According to Business Insider, one out of every five people on this earth own a smartphone. We know exactly how important apps are.

Mobile applications are no longer a supplement to your website, rather the other way around. They can be the foundation to your entire business and marketing strategy. Apps have changed the game when it comes to online communication as well as services.



As a marketing group, we want to help you get into the hands of of each and every customer that you would like. With the newfound power of smartphones, this can happen in the most literal way. Our apps are both powerful and beautiful.

There isn't a human on the planet that does not enjoy asthetically pleasing visual presentations. One Online creates beautiful, functional apps that will keep your customers updated and involved with your business in endless ways.

A Super Sidekick

Websites, mobile sites and mobile applications all go hand-in-hand. We have the necessary talent, skill and ability to create each and every one of these for you. One must remember, though, they're last but not least for a reason.

Mobile applications are like the super hero sidekick. We create them to assist you in as many ways as you would like. They are your website's right hand man, and they do not just sit around and wait to be called upon. One Online's apps take action!

"In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything."

- Matt Galligan, SimpleGeo

A Marketing Necessity

Let's get down to brass tacks. Mobile applications for smartphones are one of the most important ways to market your company to your customers. One Online has a team of professionals that make applications to your exact specifications.

When your specifications are met, your customers will see you in the best light possible. They will have you in the palm of their hands, day and night. This is the power of apps. They follow your customer around everywhere they go!