Brief Guide: UX versus UI Design

User Experience is a term which occures more recently nowadays when it comes to website development. For many, the definition UX tends to sound unfamiliar, but it has been around for more the 15 years. Meanwhile, it is generally everywhere, for example when you see a well-looking ad or poster. Let's examine thoroughly the reasons to set them apart and how it differs from web design or web development.

The Difference

UX design is responsible for the creation of elevated experience (wow! factor) for  possible customers, while UI is the tool for shaping the interface put directly in front of users. During the development of a modern, up-to-date website or product, both are essential and indispensable pieces for representing high quality service.


MOZ ranking factors

When it comes to search engine optimization, we advise clients to primarily focus on creating quality content. Besides, naturally we observe the technical factors continuously.
Google does not openly publish each and every factor that influences ranking, but expert search engine marketers steadily look for those technical parameters, which positively affect website ranking. is one of the market leading softwares, many international SEM specialists publish their experiences via their blog, therefore, highly increased international attention is drawn to these publications.

Naturally we also follow the actual trends and experts' opinions.

Every year, publishes a famous survey about Google’s ranking factors. Let’s see the most important facts in 2015! 


The Translational Touch: Copy vs. Code

     When considering the nature of online marketing, one must take into account the globally connected world we live in. While you may have a specific market, you may still have shortcomings within said market due to basic communication errors. It’s simple: if you cannot concisely and effectively convey your ideas, your sales conversions will suffer. The language barrier has been blurred by Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) thanks to services like Babel Fish and Google Translate, but is it enough? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

     The ever-changing online marketing community is in need of not only literal translations, but emotion evoking copy as well. In the Eastern European Start Up community, for example, this is a major road block. A potential client using Google Chrome as their web browser has a built-in feature to translate just about any web page in any language on the spot.


'The UP Lab' Interview

Motivation & Positive Creation!

     The UP Lab is a blogging website brought to you by a young digital marketing professional, David Ly Khim, and we took great interest in the topics that his site touches upon. Looking to motivate your co-workers or help a friend out of a rut? Look no further. You’ll find an article to help mend any work wound here. Here at One Online we got the incredible chance to conduct an exclusive interview with Mr. Khim to find out a little behind-the-scenes information about The UP Lab and it’s success!

     Q: Let’s hear about your beginnings. How did The UP Lab come to be? Was it just an idea you ran with or was it the product of some brainstorming?

     A: “The UP Lab came to be when my friend, Justin, and I discussed how negative campus climate was and how everyone viewed their future with fear. Hardly anyone knew what they were going to do after college and that prevented much dialogue from occurring. If any conversation were to occur, it would be bleak conversation filled with uncertainty and negatively.”


The Proof is in the Purple: Social Media Marketing Case Study

     There are two things that the city of Eger are known for: Excellent wine and One Online. Need examples? A simple Google search will tell you all you need to know about the purple grapes of the area and the purple logo of One Online Kft. Want to squeeze the most out of not only your fruit but your marketing dollars? Our online marketing company has it down to a science, and you can see some of the fresh results in this case study by Antavo!

     Social Media Marketing (SMM) are two of the many services provided by One Online. This means that we take your company and put them on the forefront of marketing using the most powerful SMM tools available. Of course, Facebook Advertisement is the top dog. When someone searches for something, wine for example, we make sure that your distilling business has its vines wrapped around the top spot on Facebook. Let’s take the previously mentioned case study and break down the results.

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